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Copper beryllium is a material alloy made of copper with 0.4 to 2% beryllium. Metal springs and Form springs from this Copper-beryllium alloys be due to the special Material properties like as Contact springs and Battery contacts used because they have high strength, high conductivity , Longevity, hardness, corrosion resistance, are non-magnetic and non-sparking. Provide with these properties Form springs made of copper-beryllium has many advantages in demanding applications and extreme environmental conditions, such as in the aerospace, oil and gas industry, deep sea, as well as in mechanical engineering and in the automotive industry.

Properties of copper beryllium (CuBe)

  • Copper beryllium has a high strength of up to 1400 MPa (1 MPa = 1 N / mm²), which is greater than that of all other copper alloys.
  • The electrical and thermal conductivity of copper beryllium is high compared to steel (approx. 10 · 10 6th S / m to 35 10 6th S / m).
  • The deformability of copper beryllium is very good despite its high strength and thus enables any desired Shaping and complex geometry in the spring production of shaped springs.
  • Copper-beryllium has a high relaxation resistance, so that the spring force remains constant even at elevated temperatures.
  • In addition to resistance to abrasion and corrosion, copper beryllium also has a high chemical resistance.
  • Copper-beryllium does not generate sparks, which is why metal springs and shaped springs made of this material are also very often used in potentially explosive environments, such as on oil rigs, in gas works and refineries.
  • Contact springs , Spring contacts and Battery contacts made of copper beryllium have a long service life and are not ferromagnetic.

Use of copper beryllium (CuBe)

In addition to the frequent use of the copper-beryllium alloy in electrical engineering as a contact spring and spring contact, this Spring material for example also often used for highly stressed metal springs and shaped springs in machines for spark-free applications and in engine construction. Basically, however, metal springs made of copper beryllium are used where, in addition to the high feature, they are used conductivity are also exposed to high mechanical, thermal and chemical loads.

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