Shaped springs - Gutekunst FormfedernShaped springs are made in any desired form and function spring steel sheet and spring steel strip manufactured and belong to the product group of flat springs and leaf springs . They are diverse construction elements when it comes to absorbing and transmitting forces with relatively large deformations. Form springs store potential energy during mechanical work, which they can release again at a specific point in time. The applications of shaped springs are inexhaustible. They range from simple flat springs or flat springs up to complex ones, precisely adapted to the geometry of the surrounding components form springs . Shaped springs are often used in mechanical engineering, vehicle construction, food industry , Medical technology as well as in precision engineering and electrical engineering. Shape springs are often used as storage elements for force and path compensation, as measuring elements in force and torque sensors, as vibration and damping elements in suspension springs and as rest elements in contact springs and locking springs inserted.

Design and calculation of shaped springs

Shaped spring and flat spring calculationIn the design of an optimal shaped spring with definition of the spring shape and dimensions, the spring fastening and the suitable spring material and the manufacturing and testing possibilities, well-founded and long-term experience is necessary. Because the individual and complex shape means that it is standardized interpretation and calculation only to a limited extent by calculating bending radii and bending stresses possible. A shaped spring is designed iteratively with proof of strength and functionality. For the design, in addition to the complex finite element method, many years of practical experience are necessary. Therefore documented Gutekunst Formfedern in detail with each production, construction-related information for the following interpretations of shaped springs .

Form springs and flat springs in small quantities and large series

As an experienced manufacturer of shaped springs turns Gutekunst depending on requirements, shape and number of pieces, the pure one bending process or stamping and bending process as well as for small quantities and complex shapes laser cutting with the following reshaping by bending, folding, embossing and deep drawing. There are no limits to the design of shaped springs. Final surface treatments such as vibratory grinding, barrel finishing, phosphating, burnishing, galvanizing, painting etc. are also offered on request, as is the pressing in of threaded bolts, for example, or direct installation in the components provided. Besides the normal spring steel strips and spring steel sheets Stainless steels, non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals are offered in strip form or plate form for the production of shaped springs.

Manufacturing dimensions of shaped springs and flat springs

Material thickness: 0.1 to 3.0 mm
Bandwidths: 1.0mm – 150mm
Plate sizes: 1500 x 2500 mm

Manufacturing techniques: Lasering, punching, etching, bending, folding, embossing, soldering, nibbling, joining, pressing in, grinding, thread cutting, welding, assembly

Spring materials: Spring steel (EN 10270-1), stainless steel (1.4310, 1.4571 and 1.4568), aluminum (Al, AlMg3 and S235JR), non-ferrous metals such as various copper alloys, bronze (CuSn), brass (CuZn) and numerous special alloys

Surface treatments : Zinc plating (Zn), copper plating (Cu), nickel plating (Ni), silver plating (Ag), gold plating (Au), vibratory finishing, barrel finishing, deburring, phosphating, burnishing, lacquering … other surface treatments on request

Offer custom shaped springs and flat springs

Gutekunst Formfedern develops and manufactures individual form springs and flat springs as required as samples, prototypes, in small quantities and large series. If you are interested, simply send us under the following form springs inquiry form the data of the desired shaped spring and flat spring with information on the number of pieces and the drawing or the CAD data. We will prepare a non-binding offer for you at short notice. You can also contact our technicians directly at and by phone (+49) 07445 85160.


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