Flat springs are made individually according to drawings, CAD data, dimensional data or customer requirements Spring band steel as Spring steel sheets punched , lasered or etched. The flat springs can be used in a variety of ways – for example as technical energy storage devices, measuring, vibration or damping elements. In addition, they also serve as Contact- and securing or flexible fasteners. Areas of application include the automotive, aerospace, electrical, furniture and medical industries. The design of a flat spring requires many years of experience. For a non-binding offer, simply send the desired spring data to info@gutekunst-formfedern.de or about that Gutekunst inquiry form .

Flat springs with individual shapes

The range differentiates between straight flat nibs, flat-shaped nibs and coiled or disc-shaped flat spring .
Flat springs from Gutekunst Formfedern

Straight flat spring

The straight flat springs , also called band springs or leaf springs, are often made from spring band steel with the help of a stamping or stamping and bending machine and shaped. In the case of small quantities or very filigree shapes, the springs can also be lasered or etched from spring steel sheet. Flat springs in particular are used wherever components need to be held, fixed and connected – including in contact systems for electrical switching devices, for example in relays. As Contact springs flat springs can be installed pretensioned. This also shortens the switching travel. Their characteristic is linear. To Calculating a straight flat spring you will find the most important formulas here .

Flat spring

Flachformfeder von Gutekunst FormfedernFlat springs are made from straight lines or circular arcs. They are made from spring band steel with a stamping and bending machine and shaped at the same time. The spring band width is up to 150 millimeters, the band thickness is 0.1 to 3 millimeters. In the case of complex flat-form springs, on the other hand, the basic shape is created with the help of Laser cutting cut out of the spring steel sheet and then through Bending, embossing, edging and deep drawing reshaped. The variety of shapes and the range of applications are almost unlimited. Calculating the force exerted by flat-form springs is complex. It can be checked using the so-called finite element method, or FEM for short. In advance, it is important to approximately define the dimensions that can be achieved manually. Generally valid calculation models are not available. Design guidelines, in which the minimum bending radii are adhered to, therefore play a special role. Depending on the design of the flat spring, the Spring characteristic be linear or combined. Depending on requirements, users can choose from various types of spring steel strip, spring steel sheets and Surface treatments choose.

Coiled flat spring

Spiral springs from Gutekunst Formfedern

Coiled flat springs include scroll springs as well Coil springs with much or little space between the coils. The latter are made with radial bending machines. They are used, among other things, in the automotive industry. They are installed, for example, in seat belts, window regulators or locks. Roll springs, on the other hand, play an important role in spring tension systems. Coiled flat springs are ideally suited as compensating springs for smaller angles of rotation. The stored force serves as a restoring torque or compensation. The Spring characteristic increases almost in a straight line.

Disc-shaped flat spring

Scheibenförmige Flachfedern von Gutekunst Formfedern

Disc-shaped flat springs are disc springs or spring washers. They are used either as a single spring or in combination. Spring washers are suitable as devices for special screw connections. Disc springs, on the other hand, are particularly compact, convince with their high power and are therefore often used in limited spaces. They are made in Stamping process with subsequent cold forming and edge rounding. The spring characteristic of disc springs is degressive , that is, decreasing. The advantage: Both the force and the spring deflection can be changed by layering to form a disc spring column.

The manufacture of flat springs

Depending on requirements, shape and number of items Flat springs Manufactured using the pure bending or punching process or manufactured by laser cutting with subsequent forming by bending, embossing, edging and deep drawing. With the latter method in particular, there are no limits to the shape of flat springs. At Gutekunst, users can choose from a wide range of Spring materials Choose: In addition to normal spring steels, stainless steels as well as non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals are offered in strip or plate form. Below is an excerpt of various spring materials.

  • 1.1248 spring steel (C75S + QT hardened)
  • 1.4310 stainless steel (X10CrNi188)
  • 1.4301 stainless steel (X5CrNi1810)
  • 1.4401 stainless steel (X5CrNiMo171-12-2)
  • 1.4568 stainless steel (X7CrNiAI17-7)
  • CW101C copper beryllium spring steel (CuBe2)
  • 2.4669 Inconel (NiCr15Fe7TiAI)
  • 2.4632 Nimonic 90 (NiCr20CO18Ti)

Overview of the Manufacturing spectrum of flat springs:

Material thickness: 0.1 to 3.0 millimeters

Band widths: 1.0 to 150 millimeters

Panel sizes: 1500 x 2500 millimeters

Production technology: lasers, embossing, punching, bending, grinding and assembly

The post-processing of flat springs

Flat springs that have to meet special requirements can also be surface treated. The different processes include, for example, vibratory grinding, barrel finishing, phosphating, burnishing, galvanizing, gold plating, copper plating or painting. Depending on Surface treatment the springs have certain properties. Here is an overview:

hitzebeständigmedizinisch reinlösungsbeständig
isolierendmetallisch reinstark beansprucht

On request, Gutekunst can also install the flat springs directly in the assemblies provided.

Request and order customised flat springs

Whether straight, coiled, disc-shaped flat springs or flat-shaped springs, in small quantities or large series, with surface treatments or in special types of spring steel – the engineers at Gutekunst Formfedern will be happy to work with you to find out which flat spring is right for you. Simply send us under the following Inquiry form or via email info@gutekunst-formfedern.de the data of the desired flat spring and flat spring with specification of the number of pieces and the drawing or the CAD data. Wir erstellen Ihnen gerne ein individuelles Angebot.


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In addition to simple flat springs and spiral springs is Gutekunst Formfedern also manufacturers of complex Flat springs or. Form springs . These adapt optimally to the geometry of the surrounding components. Für ein Angebot senden Sie einfach Ihre CAD-Daten, eine Zeichnung oder Skizze mit der Funktionsbeschreibung an info@gutekunst-formfedern.de oder melden Sie sich telefonisch unter (+49) 07445 85160.


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