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Spring washers

What are spring washers and clamping washers?

Spring washers and clamping washers are just as much part of the securing elements as snap rings, spring cotters, fokern needles or flat springs. They can be found in many different designs. As guide elements, spring washers and clamping washers secure and limit other machine parts against axial play. They are used to maintain force-fit connections. Such a frictional connection requires a normal force on the surface to be connected. Mutual displacement can be prevented if the counterforce resulting from static friction is not exceeded.

Where are spring washers and clamping washers used?

The safety elements are often underestimated due to their size and inconspicuousness, but they are indispensable and in use just about everywhere. For example, spring washers secure screws or nuts against loosening. The clamping washer, on the other hand, is popular for connecting and securing on shafts and hubs. Due to their wide range of applications, spring washers and clamping washers play an important role in many different industrial sectors. In addition to the automotive industry, they are also used, for example, in the electrical industry and in plant and mechanical engineering.

Clamping washers and finger spring washer
Clamping washers and finger spring washer

The spring forces of spring washers and clamping washers depend on different factors. In addition to the structural properties – for example, height, material thickness and shape – the properties of the material, i.e. the spring steel strip or sheet, also play an important role for the force properties. The load tolerances increase with increasing height. Normal spring steel, for example, offers an increased degree of hardness compared to stainless steel. Here you will find an overview of the most common spring steel sheets and surface treatments.

Common designs of spring washers:

  • Curved spring washers
  • Corrugated spring washers
  • Finger spring washers

Customized manufacturing

Gutekunst Formfedern GmbH manufactures spring washers and clamping washers individually according to your drawings and special requirements from any desired spring steel sheet with final surface treatment – regardless of shape and function. Would you like to know which spring washer or clamping washer is best suited for your application? Then contact our technical department by phone at (+49) 07445 8516-30 or technik@gutekunst-formfedern.de.

To prepare a quotation, please send the data of the required spring washer and clamping washer under the following inquiry button, indicating the number of pieces and enclosing a drawing/CAD data. We will provide you with a non-binding offer at short notice, regardless of the number of items (samples, small quantities, large series).

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