Sicherungsscheiben von Gutekunst FormfedernThe function of lock washers is to fix and limit components in the axial direction on shafts, axles or within bores. Such frictional connection assumes a normal force on the surfaces to be connected. If the opposing force caused by static friction is not exceeded, mutual displacement can be prevented. The axles and shafts can be made of metal or plastic. There is a reliable hold even if they are smooth. Grooves and notches therefore do not necessarily have to be introduced. The lock washers can also be installed quickly and easily. The user simply pushes them onto the shaft or into the bore.

Lock washers are used in a variety of ways – for example:

The types of lock washers, which differ in shape and properties, are as diverse as the possible applications. Manufacturers also offer lock washers for very demanding fixing tasks. Gutekunst form springs manufactures them individually according to drawings and requirements – or develops them depending on the application for round, square and cone-shaped axles and shafts.

Advantages of lock washers:

  • permanent and safe fastening solution
  • replaces circlips, snap rings, split pins, bolts and nuts
  • As a rule, no preparatory work on the shaft, such as groove or notches, is necessary
  • relatively simple safety element
  • diverse and inexpensive assembly solution
  • easy assembly, possibly also automated

The spring forces of lock washers depend on various factors. On the one hand, their structural properties, such as height, material thickness and shape, play an important role. On the other hand, the properties of the material are also very important, i.e. the Spring band steel or sheet metal . Normal spring steel, for example, offers a higher degree of hardness than stainless steel.

Gutekunst Formfedern is a manufacturer of lock washers with axle and shaft diameters from two to 100 millimeters. Material thicknesses of up to three millimeters are possible. The lock washers can be made from different types of spring steel: C75S, C100S, stainless steel 1.4310, 1.4301, non-ferrous metals such as copper CuSn6, CuZn37 and CuBe2, bronze, brass and various special alloys. In addition, coatings and additional surface treatments such as phosphating, burnishing, hydrogen desbrittlement, vibratory grinding, galvanizing, delta micro-layers or painting are possible.

Gutekunst Formfedern shows an overview of the most common spring steel sheets and Surface treatments for the production of lock washers.

Lock washers from Gutekunst

Gutekunst Formfedern manufactures individual locking washers as samples, prototypes, in Small quantities and large series with matching Surface treatment .

Are you interested? Then just send us using the following Inquiry button the data of the desired locking washer with details of the number of pieces and the drawing or the CAD data. We will prepare a non-binding offer for you at short notice. You can also contact our technical department directly at and by phone (+49) 07445 85160.




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