What are frictional connections?

One frictional connection through the use of spring force. During the entire period of operation, a force field is built up between the connection partners by means of a suitable preload. Examples of this include pressure forces or frictional forces. The adhesive force ensures the cohesion of the non-positive connection. At this Connection technology the forces to be transmitted occur in the frictional connection tangentially to the surfaces of the connection partners involved. Non-positive connections can only transfer tensile forces if the adhesive force is greater than or equal to the tensile force. There are two other types of connection in connection technology: form-fitting and material connections .

The following formula is used for non-positive connections:

F_{<wpml_curved wpml_value='Zug'></wpml_curved>} \leq F_{<wpml_curved wpml_value='Haft'></wpml_curved>} = \mu \cdot F_{<wpml_curved wpml_value='N'></wpml_curved>}

The following applies:

F_{<wpml_curved wpml_value='Zug'></wpml_curved>} : Traction

F_{<wpml_curved wpml_value='Haft'></wpml_curved>} : Static friction

\mu : Coefficient of friction

F_{<wpml_curved wpml_value='N'></wpml_curved>} : Normal force

The frictional connection is the reason for the self-locking of, for example, loaded wedges or screws. Static friction between the active surfaces of the components prevents a screw from turning or the wedge from simply slipping out. Clamping is also referred to as a frictional connection. Come here frequently Spring clips , Lock washers and Spring washers for use.

Use of spring clips, lock washers and spring washers for non-positive connections

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Spring washer / spring clip

A spring clip, locking washer and spring washer connect several components to one another – for example on a hub or shaft. The force of the spring is used to lock and connect the components by self-locking. These springs are also known as spring clamp connections. Just like the wedge and the screw, they belong to the force-fit connections. These require permanent spring properties as a construction principle. A frequently desired side effect is that the sharp edges of the spring dig into the clamping points under the load. This ensures even more hold. Spring clamp connections are used, for example, in mechanical engineering. In connection technology, they ensure short assembly times. That is why they are so widespread here.

Spring clips , Lock washers and Spring washers are used in many variants for form-fitting connections, for example as:

Individual spring clips, lock washers and spring washers

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Non-positive connection with spring force
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