Formfeder stainless steel food - Gutekunst FormfedernShaped springs, flat springs, leaf springs, metal clips, spring clips, contact springs, compression springs and stamped bent parts are used in any desired form and function in mechanical engineering, vehicle construction, precision engineering and electrical engineering, but also very often in the beverage and food industry. These technical springs are always used where there is a need to absorb and transfer forces under great deformation. During mechanical work, the components store potential energy that they can release again at a specific point in time. When used in the food and beverage industry, the correct material and the matching surface for the present food environment.

In order to maintain the high hygiene standards of the food and beverage industry, the technical springs are usually made for this stainless steel manufactured. Its smooth, protective and stable chrome oxide layer is the decisive reason for this. It makes the springs resistant to corrosion. This means that the metal is not attacked when it comes into contact with food or by environmental influences such as oxygen and cleaning agents. stainless steel has further advantages in terms of hygiene: The material does not leave any harmful substances or particles when it comes into contact with food. In this way, users avoid contamination or changes to the food. In addition, stainless steel is very good and easy to clean and does not provide a target for germs and bacteria.

Which Stainless steel grade the right choice depends on the environment and conditions of use of the springs. For most applications in the food and beverage industry, the stainless steel grades 1.4301, 1.4310 and 1.4401 proven. An additional Surface treatment makes the components resistant to higher ones if required Corrosion loads , high temperatures or puts their conductivity here. Possible procedures are Chrome plating , Tin or coating with Teflon (PTE) .

For more information on Form springs , Flat springs , Contact springs , Metal clips , Spring clips and Stamped and bent parts in the food and beverage industry, please contact our experts. You can reach the technical department of Gutekunst Formfedern GmbH by phone at (+49) 07445 85160 or by email at .

You can also contact us via the following “Form springs” request button Send the data of the desired technical spring including drawing or CAD data as well as the requested quantity. We will prepare a non-binding offer for you at short notice.



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